Being part of a fandom is great. But you know what's better than being part of one? Enjoying two at the same time!

Say hello to One Piece x Avengers, a mashup created by Andimoo Studios. As the main stars of One Piece, the Strawhat Pirates, of course, are the first characters to be featured in the concept art. Unfortunately for Black Leg's fans, Sanji is not included in the mashup.

The concept art even comes complete with descriptions of the characters, combining attributes from One Piece and the Avengers.

One Piece x Avengers is featured in Andimoo's Patreon page. With a goal of $5,000 per month, the artist is looking for support to fully serialize a One Piece x Avengers manga, which is to be released twice a week hopefully. Unfortunately, commissions and the art lessons Andimoo conducts take up time, leaving it next to impossible to produce the manga on a regular basis.

However, should Andimoo's Patreon goal be met, the artist will not only be able to free up time and resources to do the One Piece x Avengers, but also continue working on other comics, many of which revolve around topics about happenings in Singapore, where Andimoo lives.

One Piece has been around since 1997, enjoying nearly 20 years of being one of the most popular manga titles of all time. It has spawned not only an anime series, but also a number of movies, as well as related merchandise.

The last we saw of the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was in Captain America: Civil War, where they were forced to pick sides (us too!). Seeing superheroes pitted against each other definitely made the movie exciting, so you can just imagine what it will be like in Avengers: Infinity Wars when even more superheroes are called into action.

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