Dreams have been the subject of many, many flims, but there are two movies in particular that stand out above the rest: Christopher Nolan's Inception and Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street. The two films couldn't be more different: Inception is a high-octane (yet surprisingly intelligent) action movie, while Nightmare on Elm Street is the perfect example of an '80s slasher flick.

Sure, they both deal with dreams, but they're about as different as you can possibly get.

Then again, some of the best mashups ever made have come from two completely different sources — who's to say that a mashup between Leonardo DiCaprio and Freddy Krueger couldn't be amazing? Who knows — maybe watching a dream thief battle a dream killer would be amazing.

While it's disappointing that Hollywood will never make such a film, at least we have the Internet: thanks to a talented young editor by the name of Pablo Fernández Eyre, fans of both franchises can catch a glimpse of what might happen if the worlds of Inception and A Nightmare on Elm Street met up on the big screen ...

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Inception and A Nightmare on Elm Street would go together like peanut butter and pickles — and yet, even with only a minute of footage, Eyre seemingly proves that pitting Dominick Cobb up against Freddy Krueger could make for a great movie.

True, A Nightmare on Elm Street isn't exactly known for being philosophical, and Inception isn't revered for being goofy — but that's why it works. DiCaprio was so straight-faced in Inception, so wouldn't it be amazing to watch as he's taunted by the goofy-yet-lovable Robert Englund?

While it's true that Wes Craven's passing was (and still is) tragic, it's wonderful to see a community of filmmakers and fans come together to remember his career. The Inception on Elm Street isn't long, true, but it doesn't have to be — the trailer works beautifully as a tribute to as director who helped re-shape the horror genre time and time again.

For more of Eyre's work, head on over to his Vimeo page.

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