Injustice: Gods Among Us made a big splash when it first released back in 2013.

For starters, it was an incredibly fun fighting game from the developers of Mortal Kombat, but it also delivered a fascinating storyline where Superman became the self-appointed dictator of Earth. The game even spawned a wildly-popular comic series, one that is still going on today.

Fast-forward to 2016, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has already arrived in theaters ... to poor reviews. That being said, the film shared more than a few similarities with Injustice, most notably an alternate future where Superman rules Earth and Batman leads a group of resistance fighters to stop him. Now, a fan has taken clips from DC movies and shows like Batman v Superman, Green Lantern, Suicide Squad, Arrow and The Flash in order to create a live-action theatrical trailer for what an Injustice movie could look like.

The trailer uses dialogue and some images from the game to glue the entire trailer together. Superman goes into a rage after the Joker destroys Metropolis and kills Lois. We see various reaction shots of the DC Universe heroes, talk of traveling between realities and more, before Batman and Superman then begin to face off. There's even a shot of a burning Green Arrow, with the implication being that Superman killed the hero with his heat vision.

While the trailer isn't perfect, it's enough to make us wish DC and Warner Bros. would ditch their current cinematic universe and go with an Injustice-inspired one instead. Sure, some fans don't like Injustice because of how it treats Superman. After all, it does turn one of the world's greatest superheroes into a villain who kills his former friends. However, the current DC films have already ruined Superman, showing him to be a killer and all brawn with no brains. The vision of the future Batman sees in Batman v Superman clearly shows a Superman who is out of control. With that in mind, it feels like making a full-blown Injustice film wouldn't be that far of a stretch.

It won't likely ever happen, but at least with this trailer, fans can dream. You can check it out for yourself below.

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