Cristiano Ronaldo is currently unhappy at his club, Real Madrid, and rumors have it that the star player, who is now 29, is looking to leave and return to Manchester United. His unhappiness hasn't affected the player while he's on the pitch, but his actions off the pitch clearly show his intent.

Ronaldo first came to prominence after he was taken in by Manchester United. From there he went on to become one of the greatest football players in the world, long before he moved to Real Madrid. His move to Madrid was a dream the player wanted to fulfill, and now that he's done that, it appears he's now interested in returning home to Old Trafford.

We have to look at some of the reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo would want to leave Real Madrid to truly come to terms if this alleged plan will ever happen. Looking at the player right now, he's closing in on 30 real fast, and after that, he'll be 31 in quick succession. He's having frequent knee injuries than ever before, a clear sign that Ronaldo is getting older, and will not be able to keep up as the years slowly rolls by.

Let's face it, the English Premier League is no doubt the most popular and most competitive, but arguably easier to perform when compared to the Spanish La Liga.

Another reason for Ronaldo wanting to move away from Real Madrid is the fact that many of his teammates have been sold by Real. Players such as Arjen Robben, Mesut Özil, Gonzalo Higuain, Xabi Alonso and Ángel Di Maria are all gone, which is seen as a big blow to the team.

Ronaldo has grown a lot with these guys, and to see them go might be very hurtful. Furthermore, players that have grown together for so many years will no doubt have a deeper mental connection on the pitch. This is hard to develop with new players right away, and for a player like Ronaldo, who doesn't have much time left, this is not good for him.

So, the big question, will he leave for Manchester United?

Well, all signs are pointing towards a move that could happen by next summer. Madrid might not want to see Ronaldo go, but there's not much the club can do at this point. The player is not happy, and if the club forces the issue, it would be scaring away potential stars.

Expect Ronaldo back at Old Trafford by the end of 2015, for that is where he will spend the rest of his days as a star footballer.

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