They say that technology has accelerated a generation gap where the older folks are simply out of touch with the newfound ways of youth culture. That might be true for some, but for one elderly Polish couple, technology helped bridge the age gap and created a heartwarming experience for all who participated.

It all started when the couple, both in their late 70s, but obviously Internet savvy, used their computer to purchase tickets to trendy London nightclub Fabric, which they had read about in a newspaper in Poland. The couple, who spoke no English, but were in the UK to visit their daughter, then proceeded to be among the first to show up at the club, even though the wife sported crutches to the event.

Club staffers initially thought the two were lost, but then confirmed that they were indeed there to party after viewing the tickets the wife purchased on the Web. Once the staff realized the elderly ravers were legit, they pulled out all the stops to give them a good time, including free drinks all night, and the couple took advantage by doing tequila shots, plus access to the VIP area.

While the two initially danced together ballroom style in the balcony area, they eventually sauntered down to the main dance floor, where the husband left his wife for a bit more action.

"They wanted to join in the party. They weren't interested in upstairs," explained DJ and promoter Jacob Hansen, who helped take care of the couple. "She was really slow, so he went a bit more into the dance floor and got some dances with the young girls."

After partying all night, the couple then told Hansen, who had promised to get them a taxi home instead of the tube ride that they had originally planned, that they were ready to take off.

"[T]hey were there until the end," said Hansen." They were really happy, they loved the crowd, it was really, really great. In 10 years of doing this every Sunday it's the best experience I've had — it's just amazing."

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