The DJ and top EDM artist known as Kygo is getting his own exclusive radio station on SiriusXM satellite radio. The station is set to debut on May 9 and will feature music by both Kygo and other EDM artists during its limited run on the SiriusXM channel.

EDM, otherwise known as electronic dance music, continues to take the nation by storm, and the DJ and artist known as Kygo is one of its biggest rising stars. Thanks to his own solo hits, including breakthrough track "Firestone" and the more recent "Stole the Show," along with a prolific catalog of remixes for a virtual who's who of modern pop stars, including Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding and The Weeknd, the Norwegian-born producer has become one of the most sought-after electronic music artists.

In fact, Kygo was the fifth-most streamed artist on SoundCloud last year, behind only Drake, Major Lazer, G-Eazy and Future, and placed two tracks in Billboard's year-end list of the most streamed EDM songs of 2015. His breakthrough paralleled that of the genre, which he is most famous for performing in the style called "tropical house," a down-tempo, feel-good version of dance music that made its mark in 2015. In fact, the genre crossed over into mass appeal last year with the huge number one pop hit "What Do You Mean," a take on the tropical house style offered up by Justin Bieber and his famous super producer Skrillex.

Now, Kygo and his tropical house sound are set to take over their very own radio station with a 24/7 dose of music in the genre. Starting May 9 and running through May 20, channel 53, usually known as "Chill," will be known as "Kygo Radio" and feature tunes curated by the artist, including tracks from his upcoming album Cloud Nine.

"I'm incredibly excited for my own Kygo Radio channel!" said Kygo. "SiriusXM has had my back ever since day one when I was making remixes in my dorm room at university, and it means a lot that they're supporting my music as I prepare to release my debut album, Cloud Nine. I'll be playing some of my favorite tracks from both the past and present, and most of all, I'm looking forward to playing brand new music from Cloud Nine. I can also promise a few surprises thrown in along the way, so tune in!"

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