For many, Dying Light was one of the biggest surprise hits of 2015. It didn't necessarily revolutionize the open-world gaming space, nor did it rewrite how gamers look at zombies — but even so, Techland's open-ended, parkour-inspired romp through the post-apocalypse was a great change of pace from the doldrums of the winter release window.

In the year since, Techland has continued to support Dying Light — though, surprisingly, there's been no word on an official sequel. It may seem like it's still early for a follow-up to a game as big as Dying Light, but one would think that Techland would at least make some sort of announcement by now.

While it seems that the studio isn't ready to formally announce its next project just yet, Techland is willing to start tossing out a few cryptic hints. In an interview with EuroGamer, Techland CEO Paweł Marchewka confirmed that the developer was working on two new projects ... and one of them sounds an awful lot like a sequel to Dying Light.

It's not an outright confirmation, but Marchewka mentioned that one of the two games in development is being handled by Techland's Wrocław studio — the same that handled development duties of the original Dying Light. Not only that, but Marchewka actually referenced Dying Light 2 in a later question ... so, what does it all mean?

Well, in all honesty, it doesn't make sense for Techland to pass on a Dying Light sequel. The first game wasn't perfect, true, but the game's sales numbers don't lie — simply put, Dying Light's success helped put the publisher on the map. Whether or not that means the game is in active development is another issue entirely, but generally speaking, most studios decide to make sequels for incredibly popular games.

The studio's other current project is shrouded in even more mystery: aside from Marchewka's description of a fantasy game set in an open world, there's not much to go on. Unfortunately, Marchewka did confirm that this new IP has nothing to do with Hellraid, Techland's dark-fantasy action game that was put on hold last year. As it stands, it looks like Hellraid may have been replaced by whatever new project Techland is working on.

Either way, it looks like Techland has its hands full — with any luck, gamers will catch a glimpse of what the studio's working on when E3 2016 kicks off this June.

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