There is no denying that the use of emojis animate conversations. However, you have to admit that there have been times when you or your friends misconceived the real meaning behind a particular character.

This can lead to a hilarious train wreck of miscommunication, so it probably would've just been easier to say exactly what is on your mind instead of having a bunch of smiley faces do it for you. What you really need is Donald Trump to take over your texts to get directly to the point for you.

OK, maybe you don't want to be as blunt as Trump. Still, the animated presidential candidate might just make your texting great again with these emojis.

Leave it to Trump to take the words right out your mouth when your response or reaction calls for an emoji when using the Trumpoji keyboard.

Created by Kyle Waring, the entrepreneur behind the website Ship Snow, Yo, Trumpoji lets users express themselves in texts by using Trump's face.

With various expressions, there is no way your friends won't get what you are trying to say, making you hands-down a texting winner. How can anyone not know you are suggesting Mexican food for taco Tuesday when using the Trump with sombrero emoji?

"Trumpoji will empower you to become a winner. Believe me, you will become bored with winning. That's how much we'll be winning together," Waring writes.

You will probably also win with your friends whether you are poking fun at the Republican candidate with Sanders supporters, or when talking about him with those who really do think Trump is the best thing since sliced bread.

The emoji keyboard is only available for iOS for now, but will appear on iOS and Android when sent. Trumpoji includes 19 different characters, including one for "yuge anger" that shows Trump with a red face, noticeably mad. If you are in the middle of a heated political debate in a group message, this emoji might have more impact than the standard options.

Other Trump emojis include one with hearts in his eye and an eagle with Trump hair. Users can also get more options on the website for free, like one where Trump is behind a wall, on the Trumpoji website by saving the images to their photo library.

Trumpoji is available to download for $2.99 for iOS.

Source: Product Hunt

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