If for some strange reason you are jealous of all the snow that has hit Boston this winter, then you're in luck. One Massachusetts man is sharing the Boston snow with the world by conveniently shipping some packed into water bottles.

Kyle Waring, like many Bostonians, is sick of being surrounded by snow. And while residents are running out of places to put the wintery mess, this Massachusetts man came up with the perfect solution: ship it out of there.

Waring, an employee for the online game company GSN Games, decided to create a startup "snow as a service" website called ShipSnowYo.com that will allow consumers to purchase snow from Boston that will arrive right to their house.

"We're drowning in 5 ft. of snow. Trapped in our tiny ass apartments and dealing with 3 hour long commutes...we desperately need your help getting this snow out of our city!" the website reads. 

Waring started his business by hand-packing snow into a water bottle, placing it in dry ice, freezing it for 12 hours and then mailing it out via two-day USPS Priority mail to anywhere in the U.S.

We can't help but ask, is this guy really serious?

"The original product was a joke to really just make light of a bad situation with us just getting dumped on up here," Waring says. 

But just like there is a demand for shipping glitter to your enemies, it seems snow is also in demand. Ship Snow, Yo is a legitimate business, receiving over 100 orders for Boston snow. He actually sold out of the four new six-pound products in just one day.

However, he obviously ran into some complications when some costumers opened their package to find their snow had melted.

To make sure that costumers receive real Boston snow, Waring now ships the snow overnight. The snow is now packaged into an insulated container which is wrapped in tinfoil and in a plastic bag.

Even though Waring is trying his best to deliver the snow in, well, snow form, the company offers no guarantees. There is a no-refund policy once your package is shipped, even if all you get is water.

The six-pound snow package is now discounted from $99 to $89, and is a popular gag gift among corporations, Waring says.

"They understand that we want to clean up Boston, so even if it does arrive as water, they get a kick out of it," Waring says.

The 16.9-ounce bottles of snow, most popular among the average consumer, retails for $19.99. There is also a 10-pound package that will cost you $119.

The snow comes right from Waring's home in Manchester-by-the-Sea, which is located an hour north of Boston. He plans on continuing Ship Snow, Yo as the demand remains, and even is considering the business to ship others foliage of the warmer seasons.

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