Amazon unveiled the Kindle Voyage in a bid to keep e-readers relevant in the e-book consumer market.

The Kindle Voyage boasts several new features that could make it the best e-reader that has ever been released into the market so far.

The thickness of the Kindle Voyage is only 0.3 inches, making it the thinnest Kindle yet. It is also very light at only 6.4 ounces. The slimmer frame houses a sharper Paperwhite display that shows a better contrast and brightness for easier reading.

The device also comes with a new adaptive front light sensor that will dim the display of the Kindle Voyage depending on the surrounding environment. According to Amazon, the feature is meant to work the way a person's eyes adjust over time when in the dark. The e-reader slowly lowers the brightness of the display at the same rate the reader's eyes grow accustomed to the environment's lighting conditions.

The Kindle Voyage also has a different way of turning the pages of the e-book being read, named PagePress. Instead of the usual way of tapping the device's display, users can now simply rest their thumb on the bezel at the sides of the Kindle Voyage and turn pages by a light press.

The Kindle Voyage also has free connectivity to 3G networks, which means users do not need to keep on searching for free Wi-Fi hotspots to connect the device to the Internet for downloading books.

In addition to unveiling the Kindle Voyage, Amazon also introduced updated versions of the Kindle Paperwhite and the original Kindle.

The updated Kindle Paperwhite has twice the storage size of its predecessor, while the original Kindle was updated through the addition of a touchscreen display, a faster processor and twice the storage of the earlier version.

All three versions of the Kindle feature Word Wise, which is a functionality that automatically gives readers the definitions for challenging words depending on the selected reading level. According to Amazon, the feature will be a great help for those that are learning English and for child readers.

All Kindle versions also have an improved X-Ray for Books, which is a feature that allows readers to search for specific sections in e-books. Goodreads has also been enhanced. It is a service that sends recommendations to readers depending on the downloaded e-books and the reader's favorite genres.

Customers can now purchase the e-book readers through Amazon, with the Kindle Voyage priced at $199, the Kindle Paperwhite priced at $119 and the original Kindle with touch priced at $79.

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