Amazon Kindle keeps moving forward and now is aiming to build on its plethora of e-books by incorporating Whispersync for Voice to develop its audio-based book services. The move allows users to get a discount if they purchase both the e-book and audio edition, but on top of that it will allow users to flip between the two based on where they left off.

The incorporation of the two lets the reader flip on the audio version exactly where they left off on the e-book version. For example, this would allow you to continue "reading" even while you have to do other things, making the audio version a great companion for any e-book.

The Whispersync for Voice program should deliver the synergy that Amazon wants to allow users and readers to continue to follow their book even when they aren't able to put eyes to "paper."

"We're working hard to help customers find more moments each day to enjoy a great book," said Russ Grandinetti, senior vice president of Amazon Kindle, in a press release. "Integrating professional narration into our Kindle apps means you never have to put down a favorite book -- start reading at home, get in the car and simply tap a button to continue listening without losing your place."

It is currently available as a free download on the Kindle app for both iOS and Android. The Seattle-based company hopes that it will be a boost to the book industry in giving users a much smoother and more accessible everyday experience with books to fit even the busiest schedules.

The program had been available exclusively for Kindle Fire tablets, but the company is moving it to be available on the official Kindle app for all.

Whispersync will give a number of discounts on audiobooks, of which there are more than 45,000 available on Kindle. Getting both will see a reduction in overall costs, but they won't be bundled, at least not yet, so you'll still have to search out each individual title separately for both the e-book and audio version.

"We continue to hear from a growing number of Whispersync for Voice converts who tell us the innovation has profoundly changed the way they read -- in fact, switching back and forth between reading and listening has become their preferred way of experiencing stories," said Audible founder and CEO Donald Katz. "And the feature has gotten easier and easier to use, as this exciting integration into Kindle apps attests."

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