The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reveals that August 2014 was the hottest August worldwide, Earth has witnessed since 1880.

Global warming is held responsible for climatic changes on Earth. The average land and ocean temperatures are on the rise. NOAA had issued a report that revealed that July 2014 was the fourth warmest July since temperature tracking started in 1880.

The temperature in Aug. 2014 was worse as NOAA confirms that the combined average land and ocean temperature for the 20th century is 60.1 degree Fahrenheit (15.6 degrees Celsius). However, the agency reports that Aug. 2014 combined average land and ocean temperature was 61.45 degrees Fahrenheit (16.35 degree Celsius), which is 1.35 degree Fahrenheit over the 20th century average.

The report highlights that the global land temperature was 1.78 degree Fahrenheit over the century's average, which is 56.9 degree Fahrenheit. Previously, the hottest August on records was for the year 1998.

The average global ocean surface temperature in the 20th century is 61.4 degree Fahrenheit. However, scientists recorded the average ocean surface temperature at 1.17 degree Fahrenheit over the 20th century average.

"Overall, 26 countries across every continent except Antarctica had at least one station reporting a record high temperature for August. The United States and the Russian Federation each had stations that reported record warm temperatures as well as at least one station with a record cold temperature for the month," per the NOAA report.

The NOAA report also points out that Jan. 2014 to Aug. 2014 was the third warmest period recorded during a year. Eastern parts of the U.S. were the only land regions that reported cooler than average temperature in the period from January to August this year. If the remaining months of this year continue to rank in the top five hottest months on record, then this year will become the hottest year on record after 2010.

Even though many parts of the world experienced hotter temperature during August, some regions still remained cooler than normal. The UK witnessed the coolest August since 1993 with the average temperature 1.8 degree Fahrenheit below its 1981 to 2010 average.

Austria also experienced the coolest August since 2006. The average temperature in the country was 2 degree Fahrenheit below the 1981 to 2010 average.

NOAA revealed that the 21st century has already experienced nine out of the top 10 warmest Augusts available on record. 

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