Apple has just offered a sneak peek to its new Union Square store in San Francisco. The new store is unlike any other Apple retail outlet, but that'll change when Apple makes good on its promise to install the Union Square location's new features and innovations at other Apple stores.

The new store is set to open tomorrow, Saturday, May 21, at 10 a.m. PT. But with the Union Square store set to serve as the prototype for the next step in the evolution of Apple stores, the company is apparently eager to direct eyes and ears to its new location in the historic San Francisco plaza.

The Union Square store's opening will mark 15 years of Apple retail outlets, launching two and a half decades after the first to locations opened their doors, according to Apple's Angela Ahrendts, senior vice president of Retail and Online.

"We are not just evolving our store design, but its purpose and greater role in the community as we educate and entertain visitors and serve our network of local entrepreneurs," said Ahrendts.

Some of the hallmarks of the Union Square include the tree-lined "Genius Grove," located in the heart of the store and "The Avenue," a collection of window-sized screens that display demo Apple products and services. The Avenue will also display talks from "Creative Pros" and will be home to an "Only at Apple" collection of curated products from third parties.

There's a 6K video wall at the heart of what Apple is calling "The Forum," a meeting place that will be home to workshops and youth programs. And then there's "The Boardroom," a space for training and counseling for entrepreneurs and developers and business customers.

Reserved for Apple's signature stores, "The Plaza" will offer an around-the-clock public space that'll serve as a tech refuge of sorts between hosting celebrities and festivals.

"We have a deep commitment to the cities we work in, and are aware of the importance that architecture plays in the community," said Jonathan Ive, Apple's chief design officer. "It all starts with the storefront - taking transparency to a whole new level - where the building blends the inside and the outside, breaking down barriers and making it more egalitarian and accessible."

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