Dremel, the go-to company of DIY hobbyists, made a surprising announcement at MakerCon in New York on Wednesday, stating that they would be offering a budget-friendly 3D printer.

The big reveal was made by company president, John Kavanagh, during a Keynote presentation to introduce the world to the 3D Idea Builder.

Dremel's first venture into the 3D printing market was done in partnership with Autodesk in order to bundle with the printer, the 3D hobbyist modeling software, Autodesk 123D.

Dremel will also regularly update their new website, Dremel3D.com with free 3D models to print, design tools, and tips and tutorials for newbie modelers to get started on projects of their own.

According to Makezine, the Idea Builder will have a build area of 9" x 5.9" x 5.5" with a detachable bed to make removing the model from the printer simple.

The printer will be able to print objects with up to 100 micron resolution using 10 different colors of PLA. A 3D printing filament made from cornstarch which makes it biodegradable and does not emit unpleasant fumes like filament made from ABS.

Dremel's first 3D printer will be marketed to the home modelers and will be priced at $999, putting it on the more pocket-friendly end of current 3D printer offerings.

In a press release, President Kavanagh said that 3D printing was a natural progression for the tool-making company to enter.

"Makers have been using Dremel tools to make three-dimensional creations with cutting tools for generations. Today, makers are using Dremel tools to fine-tune and fix their 3D printed creations and have been asking us to introduce a 3D printer. We're proud to offer them the Idea Builder and we can't wait to watch them build what's next."

Dremel's 3D Idea Builder starts pre-orders on Sept. 18, and will be made available to buy initially from Amazon.com and select Home Depot and Canadian Tire stores.

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