Here's How To Get Snapchat's Secret Dalmatian Filter


The dog filter will never become played out and Snapchat knows this, which is why it's one of the filters that has stayed on the platform for quite a long time now.

But then Kim Kardashian revealed her genius idea in her Story last week that Snapchat should add a new dog filter, more specifically a dalmatian puppy one, to spice things up a bit. And Snapchat has listened to the social media queen.

Snapchat has released a hidden dalmatian filter that can only be accessed if you know where to look.

Okay, we don't know for sure if Kim K is the reason behind the dalmatian filter, but it is pretty ironic that just a few days later a second dog filter popped up.

Just to be clear, the new dalmatian filter won't be found by scrolling past the complete lineup of lenses. Instead, the secret dalmatian filter is actually hidden inside the pre-existing dog one.

 Here's how to use it:  First off, the dalmatian filter works best when there are two faces in the frame. The filter might also work if you are the only one in the frame, but will appear more like a glitch and won't give you the real effect.

•Make sure your camera is front-facing so you are looking at yourself. •Press and position your face so that the filters pop up. •Tap on the dog face to transform yourself into the brown puppy. •Add a friend into the frame. Snapchat will then recognize their face and make them into a dalmatian.
If you are alone right now and have FOMO, the Dalmatian will still appear as long as the app can recognize a second face. That means stand next to a photo of a celebrity, pose with a baby doll, or even try your dog or cat.

The dalmatian filter is just as good as the face swap, so we can only hope that Snapchat keeps this one permanently.

Photo: Mark Berbezier | Flickr

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