When Instagram changed its logo as part of a new redesign last week, the Internet lost it. Or rather, we should say that Instagram lost its mind when it decided to do away with its iconic logo and replace it with the most colorful and vibrant icon we could imagine.

It is almost like the purple/pink-fading-to-yellow icon is a metaphor for the end of an era for the app. Sure, it was supposed to signify the changes and evolution of the popular photo-sharing app, but all it does is remind us that the sun has set on its reign as apps like Snapchat continue to rise in popularity.

While some may like the colors instead of thinking they stick out like a sore thumb, you have probably noticed how hard it now is to find Instagram by its icon. Instead of launching the app right away after spotting its distinct icon, you are probably now swiping back and forth as your eyes quickly browse through all the various icons on your phone's home screen while trying to find it.

This might have you regretting ever updating the app, wishing you could go back to a time when Instagram was still the same. Now, users can do exactly that with just a few simple steps.

UX designer Juan Ramirez created a hack so that users can get the infamous retro-looking Instagram icon to appear back on their phone without having to jailbreak their device.

While this trick really does work, it's important to point out that it will not bring back the old in-app design. However, that shouldn't bother users, since the in-app redesign looks more modern and sleek than before, putting the main focus on photos instead of everything else. The design is actually a really good look for Instagram, it's just that we can't get over the hideous new icon.

The trick is only for iOS, and works by using a Web shortcut to open the app on the user's home screen. The shortcut Ramirez created features the old logo, so that is the one that will be displayed.

Here's how to change back to the old Instagram logo:

Hide The App

The first thing you have to do is move the new Instagram icon to a folder that features multiple apps, such as where you save the Stocks or Game Center apps. This will hide the app so you don't clearly see it on your home screen without really searching for it.


Click This Link

You then just have to click this link on your iPhone, tap on the Share icon and then tap on "Add to Home Screen." Make sure you name the icon Instagram and hit add to have the icon appear.


In With The Old

That's it — seriously, it's that easy. The old Instagram icon will now be displayed, but keep in mind that when you get a notification, you will still see the new icon. If you update the app at any time, the new logo will come back, but just follow these steps again if you can't bear to see it.

Photo: Zenspa1 | Flickr

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