Skype for iOS just received its latest update from Microsoft, and the most recent variant of the app comes with a few novelties and enhancements.

The most notable addition to Skype for iOS is the ability to save video messages on your iDevice. This means that you can easily share them with your contacts via social media afterwards.

Other noticeable enhancements were made in how the app supports external sound, as well as device integration.

According to Skype, the novelties in the Version 6.16 are twofold.

For one thing, Microsoft tweaked Skype so that it works better with "external microphones, interfaces and devices." Secondly, the app now permits users to "save video messages" to the gadget running Skype for iPhone. Sharing the resulting video with friends and family is not mandatory, but who doesn't want to share the cat climbing over its shoulders during an important video call?

Skype for iOS reached version 6.16 and it is compatible with iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. The only caveat is that your device must run on iOS 8 or later.

Download the latest variant of Skype for iOS from the official iTunes page and enjoy its new capabilities.

This time, the Android version of Skype outran its iOS counterpart. Skype for Android reached version 6.11 in November 2015 and offered a number of new features, such as recording the video call on the device.

Skype understands that special memories come from small gestures or everyday moments.

The company said that one of the main purposes behind Skype has always been to "help people come together" by sharing experiences. By adding a save option for both Android, and now iOS, Microsoft makes sure that users not only share, but also get to keep "those moments that matter."

Earlier this year, Skype enabled iOS and Android support for group video calling. The update allows mobile device users to converse live with a maximum of 25 people. Previously, Skype allowed no more than five people join in the same video conversation.

Tweaks to the app allowed it to make most calls in HD, and there is even optimization of the device. Microsoft embedded the SILK Super Wide Band audio codec, which makes for an outstanding audio quality of conversations.

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