Funko Releases 'Preacher' Pop Figures, But Where's Tulip?


We're only one episode into AMC's new series Preacher, based on the cult comic book series of the same name, but that show already has merchandise rolling in.

The first such merchandise comes from Funko, which plans on releasing a collection of Pop figures based on Preacher's main characters, as seen on the series.

The three characters Funko released images of for the upcoming Preacher collection include Jesse Custer, Arseface and Cassidy. If you've watched the show, though, you'll realize that there's an important character missing from that set: Tulip O'Hare, who is probably the second-most important character on the show.

So, where is Tulip's Funko Pop figure: does it exist? Will it come later? Is this just a gross oversight on behalf of Funko or AMC? These licensing deals are often complicated, and fault could even lie with AMC for not offering Funko the license to recreate Tulip's character in Pop form. Here's hoping it's not a case of someone at Funko or AMC not thinking fans would want it.

Perhaps it's just a case of a Tulip figure coming later, although many fans of the show would argue she should stand beside Jesse in the first batch of Preacher-related merchandise. Considering the praise given to Ruth Negga for her portrayal of Tulip, she's likely to become one of the most popular characters on the show. She's also pivotal to Jesse's story, because as his ex-girlfriend, her rolling back into town reminds him of his past and who he really is.

The current Funko Pop Preacher collection features Jesse with a cigarette hanging from his lip, Arseface just looking like himself and Cassidy holding a bottle of whisky. These figures are definitely a must-buy for fans of the show, as well as those who loved the original Vertigo comic book series. So, once these Pops become available, grab them quickly.

"Follow Jesse Custer, a small town preacher, on his mission to find God!" Funko wrote on its blog. "He'll have to call on the disfigured Arseface and Cassidy the Irish vampire for help! Collect the whole set this summer!"

Here's hoping that a Tulip figure will soon follow.

The Preacher Pop figures hit stores in August. Meanwhile, Preacher airs on AMC on Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT.

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