If you are a man then there's a good chance you have a close group of guy friends who understand you better than anyone else in your life - including your girlfriend.

And when it comes to certain types of guys, the phrase "cool story, bro" has probably been used sarcastically a handful of times while communicating with your wolf pack like when sharing about that time in the gym while eating or playing beer pong.

If this type of dude sounds like you and your friends, you need to download this new emoji app. Seriously bro, it was made for you.

Called Bromoji, this emoji keyboard features a large library of characters to use when texting that are made for the boys.

We all love using emojis, but many of the keyboard apps available are aimed at women. There's plenty of reality star keyboard emojis that may seem fun when your girlfriend sends a twerking one, but are men really going to use these options that include getting nails and hair done?

That's why Bromoji is a must for when talking with the guys or even when responding back to your girlfriend. Emojis include food like pepperoni pizza and tacos, along with activities like beer pong and weights. There are other fun ones like an emoji for golfing and for when Netlfix and chillin' on the couch.

There is even a selection of faces, but the best ones are the emojis for popular sayings. Bromoji lets users send phrases like "Bro down," "Dude, what happened last night?" and "Do you even bro?"

The emoji keyboard is simple to use. Once you download the app, go to Settings > General > Keyboard, tap on "keyboard" and add Bromoji as a new one. Open the app, select an emoji you want to use to have it copied to the clipboard and paste it in a text message.

Now you will be able to text your bros the way you would talk to them in real life.

Tell your guy friends to get on your texting level and get the app now. Bromoji is available to download for iOS for $1.99.

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