A new rumor mill is making rounds on the Web claiming that Apple is interested in knowing the ins and outs of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Reuters cites its anonymous sources who are familiar with the matter, along with LinkedIn profiles, saying that the Cupertino-based company is currently investigating how to charge electric cars. Specifically, the sources claim that Apple is in talks with charging station firms and hiring experts in the area.

According to one of Reuters' sources, the company is asking charging station companies with regard to their underlying technology.

"The talks, which have not been reported, do not concern charging for electric cars of Apple employees, a service the company already provides," reads the report. "They indicate that Apple is focused on a car, the person added."

Reuters managed to reach out to quite a few charging station suppliers regarding possible dealings with Apple. However, the companies declined to provide their comments about the matter. Apple also refused to talk about the said rumor.

At the moment, details are still light about Apple's interest in the charging station technology. It is also unclear right now if the company is thinking of building its own proprietary tech or if it wants to create a system that works well with offerings from other players in the market.

A report from 9to5Mac says that if the purported electric car from Apples materializes, it does make sense that the company is interested in putting "its force behind a charging solution outside of the home." The report further predicts that charging stations could basically replace gas stations down the road.

In related news regarding the much-speculated Apple Car, Tech Times reported in April that BMW and Daimler allegedly ended Apple car discussions over leadership problems and data ownership.

Rumors are also rife suggesting that Apple might already be working on the Apple Car at secret locations believed to be situated in Berlin, Germany and Sunnyvale, California.

As to when Apple's electric vehicles might hit the roads, rumors initially pointed to year 2020. However, most recent reports suggest that Project Titan could be unveiled in 2019.

As there is no official confirmation yet, it is advised that you take this story with a grain of salt.

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