If Star Wars: The Force Awakens can get a novelization, why not a comic adaptation? That seems to be Marvel's thinking, as it is bringing the work of J.J. Abrams to the comic book page with a six-issue adaptation starting next month.

This comic retelling of the first film in the new trilogy comes from Star Wars: Aftermath writer Chuck Wendig and Hercules artist Luke Ross. We've gotten a look at some of the various interior art and variant covers for the upcoming issue, and we can safely say that The Force Awakens looks great in comic form.

It's instantly familiar, yet many of the scenes are portrayed from new angles and viewpoints that manage to make to keep the story fresh. The likenesses of all the characters are captured perfectly to boot.

However, you don't have to take our word for it. You can check out some of the preview images and covers below.

It's worth noting that the biggest change likely to come in the adaptation is the dialogue, and we don't get a preview of any of that here. While some of the comic's text (or most of it) will likely come from the film itself, we don't yet really know if Wendig will be able to add his own personal touches to the movie. It regularly happens in novelizations, where authors have the chance to expand and elaborate upon material touched upon in the film, but it remains to be seen if Wendig will get a similar chance with this comic adaptation.

In other Star Wars news, two new Stormtrooper types and a new type of AT-AT featured in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story have been revealed ahead of Star Wars Celebration Europe. They are some of the first official details to emerge from the film amid a slew of leaks and rumors in recent weeks.

Will Marvel be looking to adapt Rogue One as well when it releases Dec. 16? That might depend on exactly how well The Force Awakens adaptation sells, but if the success of Marvel's previous Star Wars comics are any indication, expect plenty more Star Wars movie-to-comic retelling in the years to come.

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