Motorola is about to launch new flagship smartphones that promises to "transform mobile, again." The company posted a short teaser on Twitter promoting its June 9 Moto Z event.

It appears as if 2016 is turning into the year of the modular smartphone. In January, rumors began circulating that LG was planning to make its new G5 smartphone stand out from those of its rivals by what was described at the time as "a first-of-its-kind modular design."

LG delivered its promise and unveiled the LG G5 at Mobile World Congress in February alongside hardware accessories like an extra battery, digital camera add-on, and Hi-Fi B&O audio player that attaches to the smartphone through a special connector. The LG G5 features a metal case that is modular, allowing the bottom of the handset to slide out and be replaced with the supported accessories.

Apple is also expected to make its upcoming iPhone 7 Plus/Pro modular in a sense by including its Smart Connector port and technology on the smartphone. The feature is currently only offered on the iPad Pro and allows the tablet to seamlessly connect to supported accessories, including keyboards and wireless chargers.

Motorola is now strongly hinting that its new 2016 flagship Moto Z smartphones will include a similar feature that will allow accessories to "snap" into the handsets. The company posted a teaser video on Twitter with the message, "From brick, to flip, to snap. Snapping is the new flipping. Watch Moto transform mobile, again, June 9."

The video shows several of the company's iconic mobile devices, including the Motorola StarTAC, followed by the RAZR flip phone, and a selection of its Android smartphones.

Leaked images of the Moto Z show the smartphone has a new port on the lower rear of its case, just like the iPhone 7 Plus/Pro's Smart Connector location. Motorola is reportedly planning to call its "snap-on" accessories Amps or MotoMods.

We'll know the full details on how Motorola plans to transform mobile again and if its new strategy helps the former mobile king regain some credibility on June 9.

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