Twitch, through a post on its official blog, announced the new Clips feature, which will allow viewers to save and share their favorite moments on streams being broadcast through the platform.

The feature, which has started to roll out, is also very simple to use. Viewers that would like to save and share a certain clip of a stream that they are watching can just click on the new Clip button on the video player. In a few seconds, the video clip is ready, and users can copy the given URL or use the provided links to share it.

Clicking on the Clip button will save 30 seconds of video for the stream being watched, specifically the 25 seconds prior to clicking on the Clip button and the five seconds after. That means that users would not have much time to think whether to use the feature or not, though most would know if a certain video clip is worth to be saved and shared.

There is no limit on how many Clips can be made by users, so there would be no problem in creating several video clips from a stream and then just sharing the best ones. However, it should be noted that once users close the Clip window, all the unshared video clips will be discarded.

Once a Clip is shared, friends that view it can use it to jump straight into the stream where the video clip was taken from. If the stream is done, users can instead follow the streamer or continue watching the recorded version of the stream right where the Clip ended.

The Twitch ID of users is displayed on top of all shared Clips. Viewers might not be able to pull off the same moves as the one featured in Clips that they share, but they would at least take credit for sharing amazing video clips.

The feature is not widely available yet though. Some Partnered channels will now have the Clips button available to certain viewers, with Twitch planning to roll out the feature to all Twitch viewers within the next few weeks.

Twitch has slowly been adding new features to its service to keep viewers engaged with the platform, while also hoping to draw in more users. Last month, Twitch started to roll out the Friends List feature, which would improve the social aspect of the website.

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