There are many different skills typically shown off at school talent shows.

Those include things like a best friend group dance number, a singer's solo and a magic or comedy routine. However, this high school student's talent not only had the audience freaking out, but it also made the Internet lose its mind, too.

Mike Senatore, a senior at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, N.C., stepped on the stage at his school's talent show on Tuesday and killed his act. His talent? A trick with a water bottle that has now left the teen Internet-famous.

Senatore was impressively able to flip a water bottle up in the air and have it land standing upright. This caused an explosive reaction from his school, with classmates cheering in excitement as they jumped to their feet to give the teen a standing ovation.

Even the whole world is sharing in the excitement after a classmate posted a video of Senatore's stunt on Twitter. His trick only took seconds to complete, but it has been living on online after going viral on Wednesday. It quickly made its rounds on the social network with multiple videos from different angles being posted and getting thousands of views.

Being called "the flip heard 'round the world," the video continued to go viral after being shared on Facebook, Reddit and YouTube, where it has over two million views. We bet you will have to watch it a few times, because you will be in awe of how exactly he is able to flip this bottle.

Senatore told the Charlotte Observer that he first discovered his talent in chemistry class and kept on practicing. From that moment on, he knew this is exactly what he wanted to do for the senior talent show. The 18-year-old used a black TV dinner tray to serve as the table for the bottle to land on, and revealed he can only successfully do the flip trick with a 16.9-ounce Deer Park water bottle because of its hourglass-like shape.

The trick to this trick is to fill the bottle with just enough water so it's not light enough to blow away and not heavy enough to bounce around.

Take a closer look and check out the water bottle flip in the video below.

Source: Facebook

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