Our favorite superheroes show off their strength and various powers in the pages of comics and on the big screen, but you probably didn't know they have another hidden skill. Superheroes love to cook — and they are good at it too.

It's not just Wolverine who can slice and dice to create culinary masterpieces. We are talking about Spider-Man, Iron Man, Iceman and more who can throw down in the kitchen. And they are sharing their talents with the world on Instagram.

Real-life foodie Avengers, including food artist David Ma, food photographer Allison Davis and accomplice Mike Q, create superhero-inspired recipes and share them on the social network in a video series using the hashtag #Superhands. The idea is that superheroes too love to whip up a good homecooked meal, even after a long day of crime fighting.

The videos serve as a quick tutorial on how to make a specific meal, and include cool effects from their powers and even some puns related to the characters.

One popular recipe is the video for "Wolverine's Claw-Babs," a chicken and peppers on skewers dish.

A video posted by David Ma (@davidwma) on May 22, 2016 at 6:47pm PDT

Although the video is fast paced, the viewer gets the idea of how to make the meal, and the humor in the way Wolverine makes the dish makes it worth watching. Other videos include "Spidey's Sesame Chicken," which is made in a slow cooker so that you can let it simmer while you go off to do other tasks and still have a tasty meal ready for dinner. This recipe looks so easy to make and even includes Uncle Ben's rice, proving you don't need to have top chef skills to have restaurant quality meals on a budget.

A video posted by David Ma (@davidwma) on May 5, 2016 at 7:21am PDT

Hulk gives some meaning behind #Superhands with his video for "Hulk's Smashed Potatoes," Ant Man knows how to make a delicious-looking mini breakfast (minus the crawling ants), and Iron Man is really making us want some creme brûlée — but can we please just have his repulsor beam to make baking this dessert easier? Instagram viewers can learn how to make ice cream for their next Netflix and chill date with Iceman, or master the art of a perfect s'more with Thor. Thanks to #Superhands videos, we can now make every meal action-packed with these superhero-themed treats.

A video posted by David Ma (@davidwma) on May 27, 2016 at 1:02pm PDT

Source: FoodBeast

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