Foodies already know where they can go for the most delicious brunch in the city or the best drinks on a Friday night.

That being said, this doesn't mean they don't use apps to navigate the wide world of delectable eats.

Whether you're an aspiring foodie or you simply want to brush up on your cocktail party conversation skills, here are the foodie apps you need to play the part.

Open Table

Ever wonder how your foodie friends manage to get into those hot restaurants on a busy evening? They likely booked ahead with Open Table. The free app, which is available on both Android and iOS, is used by hundreds of restaurants to make reservation-booking easier for hungry customers. Additionally, frequent users can rack up Open Table points over time, which can eventually be exchanged for dining cash.


Don't have a chef friend who's in on all of the latest restaurant knowledge? ChefsFeed has you covered. The free Android and iOS app is specifically designed to give users an inside look at everything that goes into the restaurant industry, from food creation to management. The app's videos and stories are designed to make everyone feel like they're in the foodie loop, and of course, you can get tips on the best local restaurants from chefs via ChefsFeed.


UrbanSpoon has been around for a while, and for good reason. Free on Android and iOS, it originally started out as a fun little slot machine-looking app that helped users quickly find a nearby place to eat. Now, it's evolved into a one-stop shop for everything from user reviews to restaurant guides. Not to mention, it makes reservation-booking a whole lot easier, thanks to its integration with Open Table.


Available on only iOS (on purpose) for $2.99, Hipstamatic is one of the best photography editing apps on the market. Hipstamatic won Apple's first App of the Year award, thanks to its wide variety of picture-editing features and filters. If you're willing to spend the money, you'll also be able to reap the benefits of adjustable shutter speeds and exposure. Any foodie knows the importance of being able to capture a delectable dish in the moment.


Another free gem that can be found in Google Play and the App Store is Foodspotting. The app acts like a visual guide to help you find the best food nearby, but there's a catch — as the app description says, it's about rating dishes, rather than restaurants. If you're looking for a specific type of meal, Foodspotting can help you find it. You can also share dishes you've tried with the Foodspotting community and up-vote ones you like.

Delectable Wines

This app, which you can download for free on Android or iOS, is perfect for wine aficionados and foodies alike. With Delectable Wines, you'll never be left wondering which wines to try with your meals. Simply take a photo of a bottle of wine, and see what others are saying about it on the app. You can also purchase wine via Delectable Wines and curate a list of your favorites for later.

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