Acer Unveils 2 New Laptops Recommended For Travelers


Acer has announced the addition of two new 2-in-1 notebooks to its Switch line, and they are looking top-notch for travel.

The two new small and inexpensive laptops, the Acer Switch V 10 and the Acer Switch One 10, both operate Windows 10 and quad-core Intel Atom processors and feature detachable 10.1-inch multi-touch IPS displays. Both machines can be separated from their keyboards and converted into tablets.

Their features match those of an ideal travel notebook: compact size, light weight, lasting battery life and recharging through USB, to name a few.

Switch V 10

Available in 32 GB and 64 GB storage options, this full-feature notebook comprises a metal exterior, a USB Type-C port for charging and video output, and Corning Gorilla Glass cover. It also boasts a dual-band MIMO 802.11ac Wi-Fi, as well as a fingerprint reader, letting users sign in securely via Windows Hello.

Fully convertible, this device can be positioned into a notebook, tent, pad, and display by simply opening, folding and repositioning its body. The touch screen is another mighty force, allowing users to write, draw, take notes and highlight on website pages via Microsoft Edge.

The Switch V 10 is available in Shale Black, Pearl White, Coral Red, Navy Blue, or Peacock Blue colors. Pricing starts at $249.

Switch One 10

This laptop caters more to the budget-conscious with prices that start at $199. Although with fewer features, it combines productivity and good entertainment just like the V 10.

It has a dark gray brushed metal cover along with an HD touch screen display, four device mode capabilities, a fingerprint reader and a latchless magnetic mechanism between the tablet and keyboard.

The Switch One 10 also features dual cameras and battery power of 8 hours at a maximum with every charge.

Travel-Buddy Notebooks

As Tech Times previously reported, these laptops lack some of the design flexibility of previous models, but offer strong specs just the same. There’s the Nvidia GeForce 940M, for instance, to deliver the visual goods.

These two Switch items also emerge as strong travel notebook contenders. Forbes shared that an Acer Switch 10 proved to be a good replacement to a previous travel favorite, which stopped charging at only 4.5 months old and had an “annoying” Bluetooth keyboard that went to sleep and took more than 10 seconds to wake back up.

“The screen is indeed nice, but the extra resolution wasn’t that helpful given the small screen is usually at arm’s length,” recalled tech writer Geoffrey Morrison of his 10-inch ASUS laptop. “And while not a dealbreaker in itself, the fact that it is not a 64-bit OS means you can’t get the latest version of Adobe Lightroom.”

The latest Switch models likely more than address these deficiencies that can ruin one’s trips. The V 10 in particular potentially draws in young, often-moving professionals who would appreciate its sleek look and colors as well as richer array of features.

The Switch V 10 will be available in North America in the third quarter of this year, while the Switch One 10 will start selling this July.

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