When it comes to killing people on film, few actors have a range as wide as Liam Neeson. Whether it is with a lightsaber in a galaxy far, far away, a broadsword in medieval Europe, or a gun in present day Europe, the man can kill with nearly any weapon in any location.

Consult the map below for a full idea of the carnage. It was put together to help promote Neeson's new film A Walk Among the Tombstones. In it Neeson plays a former NYPD cop turned private detective, who agrees to help police hunt down those responsible for a series grisly murders. With a title like A Walk Among the Tombstones, there is no doubt Neeson is going to be adding some additional notches on his murderous headboard. 

Neeson isn't afraid to be creative with his kills either. He stuffs people in manholes, impales them on coat racks and tosses them off buildings when a gun or sword simply can't do the job. He's even killed people as god-lion Asland in The Chronicles of Narnia, and we all know that it doesn't get much more impressive than death by lion. That is unless you are blown up by Zeus, who Neeson also played in Wrath of the Titans. So he's played a god not once, but twice, and both times he has killed people with extreme violence and glee.

Most of his kills by far come from the two Taken movies (if you don't count the Battle Droids from Star Wars). Combined, Neeson kills 51 people across the two films as he fights a mob that kidnaps his daughter.

How many criminals will Neeson violently bring to justice in A Walk Among the Tombstones? The infographic has the four kills shown in the film's trailer included, but there is sure to be more where that came from.

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