Every release of one of Apple's new smartphones is an event in and of itself, and Sep. 19 was no different. Customers flocked to Apple stores around the planet for a chance to buy the new iPhone 6, and analysts predicted that, on the low-end, Apple could sell as many 6.5 million phones in one weekend.

As it turns out, that estimate was a bit on the small side: Apple is reporting that more than 10 million iPhone 6 models have been sold in just three days. Not surprisingly, this is an increase from last year's numbers. In 2013, Apple sold roughly 9 million iPhone 5 models in the first weekend. Last year was also the first time Apple released two different models of the phone simultaneously, which resulted in nearly twice the weekend purchases. While the numbers haven't quite doubled this year, 10 million iPhones sold is still an outrageous number for Apple.

It's also worth noting that the iPhone 6 has been delayed in the world's largest smartphone market: China. The release of the iPhone 6 was delayed in China due to the phone failing to pass government regulation, though Apple does still plan to sell the phone overseas. What's impressive is that, even without such an immense market, Apple still managed to hit 10 million units sold.

Many believe the success of the iPhone 6 can be attributed to its new specifications. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are larger than any of Apple's previous phones, with the iPhone 6 Plus acting as somewhat of an in-between for the smaller iPhone models and the iPad Mini. Demand for larger devices has grown considerably over the past few years, and Apple has clearly listened. Even the iPhone 6 (the smaller of the two new models) boasts a screen nearly an inch larger than last year's model.

For Apple, this could just be the beginning. It's rumored that an event scheduled for Oct. 21 will be used to announce new models of the iPad, as well as the release date for Apple's new operating system. If that is indeed the case, then there's a good chance Apple will have another incredibly holiday season.

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