It's official: Resident Evil 5 will be coming to current-gen consoles this June.

Following a premature listing on the Xbox Store, Capcom confirmed that the second game in its re-release trifecta will be available starting on June 28. Resident Evil 5 follows the updated port of its sequel, which was released back in March — and while it may have taken a little longer to launch than most fans would have expected, Capcom is doing its best to make sure that re-downloading the 2009 title will be worth it.

Firstly, like the latest version of Resident Evil 6, the current-gen port of Resident Evil 5will boast both an improved frame-rate and resolution. Not only that, but both of the game's downloadable content packs (Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape) will be available as part of the package.

If Resident Evil 5 is as rock-solid as the current-gen re-release of Resident Evil 6, then fans are in for a technical treat. The last core entry in the series always struggled on last-gen consoles (especially the Xbox 360), but the PS4 and Xbox One port of Resident Evil 6 played like a dream, even during the most hectic moments.

Considering that Resident Evil 5 was built on even simpler tech, it's easy to assume that current hardware will have no problem running the game at the full 1080p resolution.

That being said, graphical updates and smoother framerates won't necessarily change how fans felt about the original game. Back in 2009, no one was complaining about Resident Evil 5's visuals — it was (and still is) a gorgeous game. No, Resident Evil 5's troubles were always beneath the skin — be it the inane story, bland gameplay or downright stupid AI companion, fans were never all that happy with the fifth game in the series.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Capcom is all that interested in fixing the game's content. Resident Evil 6 looked and played better on current-gen hardware, but that doesn't mean its story or gameplay are any better. Granted, Resident Evil 5 was always held in higher regards than its sequel ... but that's not really saying all that much.

Who knows — maybe that rumored reboot of the series will be enough to get fans excited about Resident Evil again.

Either way, Capcom's remastering of its African adventure is almost here — the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Resident Evil 5 are due out on June 28.

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