Florida golf courses and alligators go together like peanut butter and jelly. It's not exactly a rare occurrence to see one of the large reptiles waddling across the fairway.

That being said, a recent video of an alligator casually strolling across the green has captured the Internet's attention like few videos can.

Why? Because the alligator in question is huge. Gigantic. Colossal. It's so big, it could be mistaken for a dinosaur. In fact, it's so large that many are questioning whether or not the video is even real. Could CGI be responsible for making this larger-than-life gator appear real?

Our expert opinion? We have no idea. At first glance, it seems way too big to be a normal alligator. The man featured in the one-minute video, which was uploaded by Golf.com, looks like he could easily fit inside the creature. The man behind the camera is just as flabbergasted as those watching.

"That is the biggest freaking alligator I've ever seen in my life," the man says. "Jesus, that thing must be 15 feet long. You ever seen anything that big? I think that's two guys in an alligator suit."

Supposedly, this gator was spotted at the Buffalo Creek Golf Club, where it was seen making its way to a lake beside the course's third hole.

It seems almost too ridiculous to be real, but it wasn't that long ago that Florida hunters did kill a 15-foot, 780-pound gator. The creature in the Golf.com video appears far larger than even that. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee, the heaviest gator ever recorded in the state weighed in at 1,043 pounds.

Time will likely tell if the beast is truly a living, breathing animal, but in the meantime, everybody on the Internet will continue to wildly speculate.

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