'The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine' Conceals 'Dark Souls 3' Easter Egg


CD Projeckt Red's The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine hasn't even been out for a full 48 hours yet, and fans are already finding neat Easter eggs left and right.

Notable Easter eggs in the game include a reference to Portal and the infamous "the cake is a lie" meme and another referencing the killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Now, we can add another tally to The Witcher's ever-growing list of pop culture and game references: Dark Souls 3.

It seems fitting that one of the toughest franchises in video game history would make an appearance in arguably the toughest content that The Witcher has available. The Easter egg can be found during the Beyond Hill and Dale quest, one of the final missions on one branch of the DLC's main storyline.

Here's how to reach it:

Step 1: Defeat the Cloud Giant Boss.

Step 2: As you approach the castle, you'll see a wisp. Instead of going through the arch and entering the castle, follow it.

Step 3: The wisp will bob and weave along the bridge but will eventually fly off the left side, and you can then follow by vaulting after it.

Step 4: If you did this properly, instead of falling to your death, you will land on a small ledge leading to a path that you follow to the cave.

Step 5: Inside the cave, there is a familiar-looking object that you can ignite.

Below is a video if you prefer a visual guide:

Your reward for finding the Easter egg is not a Coiled Sword, but rather the Gesheft — a level 46 sword that Geralt can use. The sword is quite strong, boasting a 20 percent extra intensity for all signs, three rune slots and 627 base damage.

This isn't the first time a Dark Souls Easter egg was discovered in another game. Back in December, gamers discovered a similar tribute in Just Cause 3. Unlike that one, however, the one in The Witcher 3 is far more interactive (not to mention practical) and even features Geralt kneeling in front of the bonfire — much like what the unkindled do in the actual game.

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