No matter how many other movies they star in as other characters, Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter in our eyes, and Elijah Wood will always be Frodo Baggins. If being typecast isn't bad enough for these actors, these two in particular have commonly been mistaken for each other throughout their careers.

That's because it is impossible not to see the resemblance in these two actors. They both have blue eyes, dark hair and similar bone structures. They also starred in fantasy movies around the same time, which could make it even harder for those who aren't fans of the two to tell them apart.

While it's safe to say Radcliffe and Wood are each other's doppelgängers, of course they have differences. The two are actually nine years apart (Wood is 35 and Radcliffe is 26), and one was famously a wizard, while the other one was a hobbit on a quest for a ring.

Have you ever really stared to see just how alike they really are? Now you can, thanks to a viral GIF that is making its way around the internet.

A GIF was posted on Imgur that shows the very subtle differences between the two actors. The image shows Radcliffe morphing into Wood and then back to himself again. The shocking part is that there are very few changes in their faces, making them appear to be long-lost brothers — or even the same person.

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The GIF has been viewed more than eight million times on Imgur, and then moved to Twitter, where the internet continued to freak out.

Radcliffe and Wood look so similar that they could really pull off being one in the same. The main difference is in the eyebrows. Just image if they really are the same actor with just a really good makeup artist, as one Imgur user commented.

It's not just the internet that has acknowledged how similar these two look. Both Radcliffe and Wood have spoken out during interviews, revealing that fans mix them up all the time.

We would also love to see similar GIFs comparing Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice, Helen Hunt and Jodie Foster and Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry. Until then, watch Harry Potter magically turn into Frodo above.


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