Bing Is Using Facial Recognition To Help Users Find Their Oscar-Nominated Doppelgänger


Ever have someone tell you that you look just like a celebrity? While some of us may have some features that resemble the leading ladies and men of Hollywood, some people look like they were separated at birth from A-listers we love.

So much so that these celebrity doppelgängers have gotten their own five minutes of fame for sharing the same face as a star, such as that time when Taylor Swift met an Australian woman who looks like her twin or the Swedish musician who resembles Leonardo DiCaprio so much that he just landed his first modeling gig with Ralph Lauren.

And now you, too, can find exactly which star you resemble the most thanks to this tool from Bing.

To celebrate the 88th Academy Awards on Sunday, Bing released the Guide to the Academy Awards, a page that lets users see nominees and predictions, past highlights, ballots and Oscars quizzes. The search engine's guide will also let users see all related news about the Academy Awards, articles about the biggest night in Hollywood that are trending on social networks, and related images and videos.

Bing announced on Tuesday a new feature that is part of the guide that helps users discover their Oscar-nominated celebrity match. Users can do so by checking out the new Bing image search experience called CelebsLike.Me.

All the user has to do is upload a photo of themselves to see their results. The tool uses Microsoft's image search-matching technology to search and review Oscar nominee photos and determines which actors and actresses that have been nominated for the prestigious award share the same look as you.

The Bing team built "one of the largest vision-recognition engines in the world" using face and vision API capabilities from Cortana Analytics. As a result, the recognition engine recognizes celebrity faces in web images and then links the images to the Bing Satori knowledge graph and Image Graph. The engine uses deep learning to communicate with the Bing databases. After identifying celebrity images, including Oscar nominees, the AI can then compare facial features to find the perfect match.

The matches are based on facial structure like jawline and nose shape, so you won't be matched with someone just because of their hair color.

CelebsLike.Me will pull up the users Oscar doppelgänger, as well as three additional celebrity matches that aren't necessarily Oscar related.

After seeing your doppelgänger, the site also allows you to use stock images to see just how spot on the engine is.

Find out who your celebrity doppelgänger is here.

Source: Bing

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