Just over a week since the launch of Blizzard's new multiplayer shooter, Overwatch, Twitch streamer FenderellaKN has already reached level 100 in the game.

FenderallaKN, who goes by the name FenderOverwatch on online forum Reddit, played 92 hours to reach the achievement since Overwatch's servers went up on May 23.

A May 30 broadcast on Twitch, which ran for almost 15 hours, showed the Overwatch enthusiast reach level 100, with FenderOverwatch then hosting an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit after the stream.

The opening post for the AMA session included links to several images related to the achievement. There is the screenshot of his account reaching level 100, along with that of his profile overview where a "100" mark is shown next to his name. A screenshot showing his portrait also reveals that, after hitting level 100, the borders of a player's portrait change with a similar "100" label to mark the achievement.

FenderOverwatch's profile page reveals that he has spent most of his time playing as Pharah, followed by Torbjörn, McCree and Reaper. He has amassed a total of 368 wins in his quest to reach level 100, along with a 51 percent win rate in his average daily play time of 13 hours.

There is no level cap in Overwatch, though there is an experience cap. After reaching level 23, players need to gain only 22,000 experience points to reach the next level. The feat of reaching level 100 just over a week after the game went live, however, remains an amazing achievement.

For the player who was able to log 92 hours playing the game, the thing that frustrated FenderOverwatch the most was that he earned only five legendary skins throughout that time, with two of them purchased through the coins that he collected in his journey to level 100.

Overwatch fans who would like to see how FenderOverwatch reached level 100 can watch his archive on Twitch. Gamers inspired by his efforts, both starters and experts, should check out our own ultimate guide before going on their own quest to reach level 100.

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