Get ready to send emojis like pancakes and bacon, the selfie and yes, even a gorilla.

The Unicode Consortium, the organization responsible for approving new emojis, is adding lots of new characters this month.

After accepting 77 characters as candidates to what could have potentially been added, the Unicode Technical Committee approved 72 new emojis that will be released with Unicode 9.0 in June.

These include new food emojis like avocado, a pickle (or cucumber, depending on how you interpret it), bacon, green salad for the vegetarian and health nuts of the world and even stuffed flatbread to represent shawarma, falafel or a gyro. Also, here's something to cheer to: Unicode 9.0 will also include clinking champagne glasses and a tumbler glass with whisky.

Forget about using the crying or laughing emoji, because users will soon be able to use the rolling on the floor laughing one. Other interesting smiley emojis include a clown face, lying face and sneezing face.

There will finally be a pregnant woman emoji to go along with the baby and bottle ones that already exist. Mrs. Claus is joining Santa, and men will be getting a male dancer Saturday Night Fever-style as well as a prince. An emoji for a shrug as well as a face palm will also be included — perfect for when being dramatic in texts.

Arguably one of the best new ones that will be released is the selfie emoji, which consists of an arm stretched out while holding a smartphone. Other cool body emojis include one that depicts fingers crossed, a handshake and left and right fists so users can create virtual fist bumps with friends.

Just in time for the summer is the addition of a shark emoji. Finally, we have the emoji we've been dying for when talking about Shark Week or when at the beach. Other animals added include: shrimp, a butterfly, a lizard, a duck, a bat, fox and gorilla.

Those who love sports will be excited to see a boxing glove, martial arts uniform and even a person doing a cartwheel.

While there is a lot to be excited about, just because these emojis were approved doesn't mean they will be rolled out immediately when Unicode 9.0 is released on June 21. Users will have to wait until Apple, Google and Microsoft include the new additions with their latest software updates.

Along with these new emojis, Unicode has remaining candidates that could be added in the future. These include a face with one eyebrow raised, a dumpling, fortune cookie, Chinese takeout box and chopsticks.

The images shown in this article are just mockups for now, but stay tuned for when these emojis become available for your smartphone.

Source: Unicode

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