Psyonix is preparing to release an update for 'vehicle soccer' game Rocket League this month that will drop a system of items — certified items that track novel stats and painted items, which will color the game world with new combinations of hues.

The updates will arrive in a patch scheduled for release this month, but Psyonix hasn't committed to an exact date for launch. Whenever it arrives, it'll deliver new flavors of item attributes.

When equipped, "certified" items will track specific stats in casual and competitive games online. Those stats they track will be indicated by prefixes, which increase in prestige as players achieve landmarks in accumulating a certified item's tracked metric.

Psyonix uses the Sniper Wizard Hat as an example. This special version of the Wizard Hat topper will track each long goal scored, while equipped, and will progress to the Skillful Sniper Wizard after a certain threshold is reached and will eventually upgrade to more prestigious versions of the Wizard Hat as more landmarks are achieved.

"Each tracked statistic has its own set of prefixes that we'll leave for you to discover," says Psyonix. "Stats use different thresholds for when their prefix changes based on difficulty. For instance, you'll need to earn a lot more 'Clears' than 'Upside Down Goals' to reach the same tier of prefix."

Painted items are recolored versions of existing wheels and toppers. The color a painted pickup will portray will be generated at random, producing colors such as "Burnt Sienna" and "Titanium White."

"Not every Wheel or Topper will generate a Painted version, of course, but we hope you'll enjoy collecting these colorful new items nonetheless," Psyonix says.

Painted and certified items are all Psyonix is willing to talk about for now. But the studios says to expect to learn more details next week about other updates set to arrive in the June patch.

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