The hits just keep on coming for Nintendo fans. After learning that the company's new console, code-named NX, won't be coming until March 2017, there are now reports that say mass production for the console has moved from mid-2016 to early 2017 and the order volume for the console has been reduced dramatically — a possible indicator that Nintendo isn't as confident in its new system as it has let on.

This latest news comes straight from sources described as "from the related upstream supply chain."

At any rate, according to the report, the delay of the mass production of the NX by about half a year is due to Nintendo wishing "to enhance the game console's video game/handheld-game-integrated experience" and add VR functionality into the system in order to satisfy the popular trend in the gaming market.

Unfortunately, the source didn't make any mention of whether this VR will be the sort seen on the PlayStation VR and the rumored Xbox One "Scorpio," or the VR that's already present on the 3DS. Either way, the alleged move makes sense considering that even if Nintendo wants the NX to appeal to a different audience, its specs and features still need to be comparable to other consoles in its generation, such as the PS4 and the Xbox One.

The sources also say that Nintendo has reduced its order volume for the NX. Initially, the plan was for the company to order 20 million units for the first year, but that has since dropped to only 9.5 to 10 million units. While there was no specific reason given for this dramatic decrease, the sources do say they believe it occurred because of the shrinking video game console market and fears caused by the Wii U's unsatisfactory shipment performance of 2 million units in 2015.

Once again, this makes sense. The Wii U does have some strong titles, like Smash Brothers, Splatoon and Mario Kart, but it is a weak console overall. Nintendo has all right to be cautious moving forward.

Lastly, the sources revealed some details about the NX, some of which have already been mentioned by Nintendo in the past. They said the NX will combine the video gaming experience with the mobile gaming experience, and will feature a 5 to 7-inch display, controller and joystick that can be used as a mobile gaming product or connect to the TV for users to play as a home console.

As with all rumors concerning the NX, until Nintendo or a verified source related to the firm confirms this, then nothing can be said for certain. In this case, Foxconn Electronics, the company that will be assembling the console, would be a good place to receive verification. However, it declined to comment on the matter.

With that in mind, what can actually be confirmed about the NX? It's scheduled to launch in March 2017 — that's it.

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