Director Zack Snyder and company are hard at work on the first of the two-part Justice League film, currently scheduled for a November 2017 release. Not much is known about the movie at this point, but rumors about potential subtitles for the film already have fans speculating.

These latest rumors come via Heroic Hollywood, which makes a point to stress that these titles are mere rumors at this point. That being said, here they are:

Justice League: United

Justice League: Angels and Demons

Justice League: Gods Among Us

Justice League: Gods Among Men

They certainly fit right in with Batman v. Superman's Dawn of Justice subtitle, which alludes to the eventual formation of the Justice League. Angels and Demons seems to build on the angel and demon iconography that Batman v. Superman touched on. The United title seems pretty straightforward, implying that the entire Justice League team will come together for the first time.

It's the two "God-focused" subtitles that prove to be far more interesting. Gods Among Us is the direct subtitle of the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, a popular fighting game from the creators of Mortal Kombat. Rumors have it another Injustice game is on the way.

For a while now it has looked like Snyder may have found inspiration in the alternate DC universe presented by Injustice. In the game, Superman becomes the ruler of Earth after he murders the Joker in retaliation for Joker's nuking of Metropolis. Joker also tricked Superman into murdering a Lois Lane pregnant with Superman's son. The game's story sees Batman leading a resistance of heroes against Superman's regime.

A spin-off comic series based around Injustice has also proven popular and is still going strong more than three years after the game's release.

The entire Injustice scenario plays out awfully similarly to Batman v. Superman's key "vision" sequence, in which a kill-happy Superman (flanked by Superman loyal soldiers) captures a resistance fighter Batman, blaming the Dark Knight for the death of Lois. Even promotional art for the Justice League film evokes Injustice.

Of course, the Gods Among Us and Gods Among Men titles could be less a direct reference to Injustice and more of an on-the-nose subtitle for one of the greatest themes in Snyder's DC film universe.

 Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman both regularly deal with the consequences of having an all-powerful alien (god) on Earth. How would it effect politics? How does Superman choose who to save and who not to? Who is responsible for keeping a super-powered being in check?

Considering how hammered home that theme is, it seems a little pointless to include it in the film's official title. Is an Injustice, or a very Injustice-like Justice League film on the way? Until more details become known, fans can only speculate.

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