Warner Bros. and DC have debuted new promotional artwork for the upcoming Justice League film ahead of the television special DC Films Presents: The Dawn of the Justice League, and with it comes our first look at the costume designs for Cyborg and the Flash.

In the image, six heroes stand side-by-side amidst a bleak background, debris and dust filling the air. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman all match their film counterparts, while new reveals Cyborg and Flash looking like you would expect them to. Notably absent is Green Lantern, the only member of the Justice League not yet present. As Justice League is set to be split into two films, it's possible Green Lantern won't make an appearance until part two.

Expect more details about Justice League and perhaps better looks at Cyborg and the Flash in the DC special airing tonight, but in the meantime can we discuss how similar this promotional art is to the art of WB's Injustice: Gods Among Us video game?

Seriously, look at the two images below. From the color scheme to the dust and debris, it's hard to believe that Warner Bros. wasn't directly looking to Injustice artwork for inspiration. Also, is it just us, or does Flash in the Justice League art look pretty close to that of his Injustice costume? We'll have to wait for a better image of the character to be sure, but it looks like WB might have found inspiration in NetherRealm's costume design for the speedster.

Here is the Justice League film art:

And here is promotional artwork for Injustice:

It makes sense, of course. Injustice stood out for taking a serious approach to the DC universe, one that pitted Superman and Batman against one another in a timeline where once a hero died, they stayed dead. The Injustice comic, more than three years after the release of the game, is still going strong thanks to those same reasons.

The DC Cinematic universe looks to be adopting a similar, serious vibe, as Batman and Superman are set to clash in the film that will effectively usher in DC's film universe. Justice League Part 1 is set for a Nov. 17, 2017 release. You can read up on all the upcoming superhero films here with out complete Marvel and DC film schedule. 

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