'GTA Online' Criminal Expansion Weekend Offers Big Discounts


Grand Theft Auto V's online multiplayer mode, GTA Online, is set to receive ones of its biggest updates yet come Tuesday, and Rockstar Games is giving players the opportunity to prepare for the upcoming chaos by slashing prices on a number of in-game items this weekend.

From June 3 through June 6, players can participate in the game's Criminal Expansion weekend. For starters, players can enjoy double RP in a special adversary mode playlist running all weekend long. 

However, the real crowd pleaser is the huge discount on a number of different types of vehicles, weapons and clothing. Turreted limos, Orion yachts and SuperVolito helicopters are all 50 percent off this weekend. In addition, a number of different car types are on sale, like the executive cognoscentis, Schafter V12s and Verlierers. As a special bonus to all yacht owners, all yacht modifications will also be 25 percent off.

VIP services from SecuroServ are 50 percent during the event, and players can also stock up on heavy revolvers and switchblades, which are also on sale for 50 percent off. A variety of street clothes has also had its prices slashed, with players able to purchase smoking jackets, robes and pajamas for 25 percent off. 

It's a lot to take advantage of ahead of the game's Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, which will allow players to become executives of their own criminal organizations. 

GTA V and GTA Online continue to be huge successes for Rockstar Games and publisher Take Two. The publisher recently revealed more than 65 million copies of GTA V had been sold, and microtransactions present in GTA Online continue to bring in big bucks for the company. Not too bad for a more than three-year-old game, but no doubt, Rockstar is also working on an entirely new game as well. Rumor has it Red Dead Redemption 2 will make an appearance at E3 this year, though fans will have to wait just a few more weeks to see if that turns out to be true. As for the inevitable GTA VI? It's surely coming sometime, but with GTA V still bringing in so much money, perhaps Rockstar isn't in a huge hurry.

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