Rumors about what various publishers/developers will show off during E3 2016 have reached unprecedented levels now that the event is coming next week. Though usually exempt from such scrutiny (at least compared with other companies), NetherRealm Studios found itself under the watchful eye of many gamers after rumors began to surface that it had Injustice 2, sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us, in the middle of development.

Now, speculation about the subject can be put to rest, because it has been confirmed that Injustice 2 is indeed real.

The confirmation comes from a shot of a promotional poster for Injustice 2 featuring the Flash and Batman with a tagline that reads, "Every battle defines you."

Apparently, this poster will be sent to various GameStop locations, which will then be offered for free with preorders for the still-unannounced game. Naturally, as with promotional items of this nature, they are said to only be available while supplies last.

Beyond that, there are no details about the game or what platform on which it will debut. However, it's more than likely it will come out on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

For those unfamiliar with the original Injustice, developed by Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm Studios, the title came out in 2013 and allowed players to take control of an assortment of DC characters in a Civil War-esque setting that pits Batman against Superman. While the game was notable for having a diverse cast of characters, including Cyborg, Shazam and Lobo, what really set it apart from other fighting games were some of the mechanics unique to the title.

Some of these mechanics include the Clash/Wager system, the ability to grant a specific move one hit of armor, and arguably most important, character traits. Though every character was unique, character traits made them even more so by granting them an ability for a limited duration in battle. For example, Shazam can augment his punches to deal extra damage, while Cyborg can regenerate health so long as the appropriate button is held down.

The character traits mechanic in particular was well-received by both gamers and other companies in the business. So much so that it inspired the V system seen in Capcom's Street Fighter V.

Hopefully, all of this makes a return in Injustice 2, and fans will likely find out when NetherRealm Studios decides to formally unveil it.

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