Adobe's Elements line offers several features of its flagship products, Photoshop and Premiere, without the need to get a subscription. Both applications were recently updated with new imaging effects and editing tools.

Users who are new to photo and video editing can take advantage of Adobe's new learning center dubbed "Elements Live." It contains Web-sourced how-to tutorials on all relevant functions of Photoshop and Premiere Elements. While it is true that most of the tutorials are available over the Internet, users who are looking for certain information will be able to conduct a quicker and easier search through Elements Live. Moreover, the feature makes it easier for users to reach Adobe's Help Service.

One popular feature of Photoshop Elements 13 are the Guided Edits. Using this tool, the user can perform complex edits without necessarily having pre-training or prior knowledge on doing them. The new version includes three Guided Edits that work on images in black and white. While a basic black and white conversion is performed, the other two work on selective colors. All but one color can be desaturated or it can be concentrated on specific areas of the image.

Other important features include the Media Tab, Photomerge Compose, Video Story, Intelligent Crop Suggestions and one-click Effects Variations. It also has the ability to create personalized custom cover and profile photos; this is great for Facebook users.

The newest version of video editor Premiere Elements 13 allows the user to edit and assemble videos in a much easier way. One example is the Video Story feature that enables the user to create customized videos of important personal events such as birthdays and weddings. By utilizing the feature's preset template, users can easily assemble their favorite video clips and turn them into a movie-like presentation complete with clever transitions and one's preferred background music.

Adobe has also enhanced Premiere Elements' shake stabilizer effect. With this feature, videos that are taken through GoPros and other action-supported cameras can be shake-reduced.

Other interesting features of Adobe's Premiere Elements 13 would include Favorite Moments and Video in Titles. Favorite Moments allows the user to assemble a movie that is built around the best parts in a clip. Video in Titles, as the name implies, allows the user to add in video to a title screen; this is similar to the latest techniques of Hollywood moviemakers.

The new Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 and Premiere Elements 13 are available for purchase at Adobe's official site. Each are separately sold at $99.99 though a bundled option is also available at $149.99. Existing subscribers can get an upgrade at the cost of $79.99 each.

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