Google created an iOS app named Motion Stills that transforms iPhone's Live Photos into captivating, shareable GIFs.

The company introduced this free iOS app through a post it published on June 7 via Google Research Blog.

"Today we are releasing Motion Stills, an iOS app from Google Research that acts as a virtual camera operator for your Apple Live Photos," reads the post. "We use our video stabilization technology to freeze the background into a still photo or create sweeping cinematic pans."

It goes on to say that the GIFs and movies produced through the app can be easily shared through text message or social media.

How It Works

The Mountain View-based firm explains that its algorithm makes use of a so-called linear programming "to compute a virtual camera path that is optimized to recast videos and bursts as if they were filmed using stabilization equipment." The app will then smooth out users' shaky shots.

Does Not Require Internet Access

It is worth mentioning that Motion Stills does not require users to sign in (which means that they do not need a Google account) or to use internet connection to enjoy the app.

"[E]ven if you're on top of a glacier without signal, you can see your results immediately," says Google.


Google is encouraging iPhone users to give this new app a shot. It also wants to see the clips and GIFs that users created with the help of the app by using #motionstill when sharing them on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

The company also says that based on the feedback it receives from the users, it hopes to add this nifty feature to its other products, such as Google Photos.

Apple's Live Photos

It is worth mentioning that Live Photos is among the key features of the Cupertino-based company's newest flagship smartphones — the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. However, this did not get much attention from the owners of these phones.

Perhaps, Motion Stills give iPhone owners a good reason to go back to their Live Photos they have previously captured. They may find that these photos are, after all, well worth sharing.

In any case, Motion Stills is no doubt a great tool that could possibly earn a permanent spot on users' iPhones, especially for those who are fond of sharing their adventures and significant moments with their family and friends.

Those iPhone owners who wish to get the first dibs of Motion Stills can download it via App Store, again, at no cost.

You can check out the sample clips below, which were made through this Google app.

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