It's no surprise that the iPhone 6 is selling well; all of Apple's products sell incredibly well at launch. So far, Apple managed to hit more than 10 million sales since the device hit stores last week, and the company shows no signs of slowing down.

What is surprising is how flexible the iPhone 6 is, and that's not a compliment on how many different apps it can run. Early adopters of the iPhone 6 have noticed a disturbing trend: when left inside a pocket or under pressure for an extended amount of time, the body of the phone can warp considerably.

While the older iPhone models were much smaller and thicker than the iPhone 6, they were also more structurally stable. With a larger screen and an aluminium body, the iPhone 6 is inherently less so. This means that pressure in the right place will bend the phone; it can even be done by someone's bare hands: Apple has yet to release a statement on the iPhone 6's warping issue or whether the deformation is covered by the phone's warranty or not. If Apple decides the warping is due to a manufacturing defect, then users with a bent phone would be entitled to a replacement device; if the company decides the warping is due to user error, then out-of-pocket repair costs could be as much as $300, according to Apple's own repair site.

Our advice? Keep the phone out of your pocket. So far, it seems that the warping tends to happen when the phone is kept under pressure for extended periods of time. A sturdy case may help, but until Apple releases a statement on the iPhone 6, the warping and its warranty, it's definitely best to be cautious.

Photo: Willaim Hook (cropped)

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