The newly released iOS 8 is the latest operating system from Apple. It's pre-loaded in the new iPhone devices and delivers several new features such as Notification Center Widgets, third-party keyboards, Continuity and more. Just like any other iOS update, the new iOS 8 was seen with a number of bugs that were reported by users. So far, the most complaints are geared towards the operating system's slow Wi-Fi speeds and battery life woes.

Users of the iOS 8 have voiced out their complaints on the Apple support forums which are now several pages long and filled with a litany of complaints. Based on the posted complaints, it seemed like multiple Apple devices are affected by the Wi-Fi glitch. These would include the Retina iPad mini, the iPad Air, the iPhone 5s, and the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

One user posted on the slow Wi-Fi performance of the iPhone 6 and noted the disappointing length of time it took to view Instagram and Twitter photos. Even viewing the news story in Safari was difficult because the page kept hanging. While doing a speed test via the Ookla app, it showed a download speed of 0.01 Mbps and upload speed of 1.05 Mbps. Surprisingly, the second speed test showed a download speed of 4.75 Mbps and upload speed of 0.24 Mbps. However, "a third test was again at 0.02 Mbps download and 0.76 upload," adds the user.

Another user posted battery drain issues on his Apple device. "My battery drains very fast (100 percent to zero in about 4 hours with minimal usage), started happening right after I upgraded to iOS 8," the user stated.

Apart from Wi-Fi and battery issues, some users of older devices reported that performance is slower after they have upgraded to iOS 8. One that is mentioned particularly is Safari which was reported to have a slow rate when loading pages.

Battery drain is one of the most reported issues every time that a new version of iOS comes up. There are several steps that users can do to preserve their device's battery life. One is by identifying the specific apps that contributes in the battery drain. Either the user reduces his time using the battery-sucking app or he gets rid of the app entirely.

Apple is already working on an iOS 8 update which it plans to launch in the not so distant future. One of the update's features would include the Apple Pay support and SMS Relay. Perhaps the update would also include bug fixes to the issues that the users are currently experiencing.

In terms of iOS 8 crash rate, the system fails 3.56 percent across devices with older iDevices crashing more frequently than new ones. On the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the crash rates were pegged at 2.63 percent and 2.11 percent, respectively.

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