Vizio is rolling out its promised sound bars that come with Google Cast functionality baked in.

Logically dubbed SmartCast sound bars, these nifty devices can be used to stream music via Wi-Fi. With the SmartCast app at hand, any tablet or smartphone turns into a remote to boot.

"The Vizio SmartCast app allows consumers to seamlessly Cast and control their music right from their mobile device across a variety of configurations. Coupled with the collection's sleek industrial design, the Vizio SmartCast audio solutions are a must-have addition to any home," Matt McRae, chief technology officer of Vizio, says.

Models of the sound bar sport various measurements, ranging from 38 inches to 45 inches. Because of that, it's sure to have a perfect spot in any home.

What's more, each variant comes with different channel counts. For instance, the top-of-the-line system includes a 45-inch sound bar, a pair of rear satellite speakers and a subwoofer that measures at 3 inches with a slim profile. Thanks to that, it can be placed under the sofa or beside it to save space and keep it out of the way.

According to Vizio, the particular aforementioned system supports up to 104 dB with less than 1 percent THD or total harmonic distortion. On top of that, the subwoofer can push out bass as low as 30 Hz.

Here are the models that are in store, arranged starting from most affordable to most expensive:

• 38-inch 3.0 Sound Bar: $179.99

• 38-inch 2.1 Sound Bar System: $219.99

• 38-inch 3.1 Sound Bar System: $269.99

• 38-inch 5.1 Sound Bar System: $299.99

• 40-inch 3.1 Slim Sound Bar System: $379.99

• 40-inch 5.1 Slim Sound Bar System: $429.99

• 45-inch 3.1 Sound Bar System: $449.99

• 44-inch 5.1 Sound Bar System: $499.99

• 45-inch 5.1 Slim Sound Bar System: $499.99

To get a better idea of what to expect from the whole deal, hit up the video below to see the sound bars in action.

For those who are itching to get their hands on one, the SmartCast lineup is already available at the official Vizio website.

This comes fairly hot on the heels of when the company introduced Cast-ready wireless speakers back in March. Also, it recently launched a series of 4K TVs that are fitted with the Google-branded technology too, so it was more or less just a matter of time before this development came to be.

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