Blizzard's newest online first-person shooter (FPS), Overwatch, continues to grow in popularity, and with it comes some fan explorations to test the game's limitations.

One of these fan-made video compilations focuses on the "myths" behind possible attack techniques and skill combinations team members can perform to further increase their efficiency in matches.

Spearheaded by DefendTheHouse on YouTube, the channel's Overwatch Myths series confirms or disproves the different ideas some Overwatch players have thought about at some point but could not test out their theory in game. Overwatch is a fast-paced shooter game after all, and you can't be caught standing around vulnerable to test a theory.

Luckily, we have DefendTheHouse to see if these ideas do work for the betterment of all Overwatch players. As Tracer says, "don't worry, loves, cavalry's here!"

At the time of this writing, three Overwatch Myths videos have been posted on the channel with 21 ideas explored, five of which have been debunked and the others confirmed. Which of these specifically works and which does not? We'll leave it you to find out.

Though, for an easier browse through the videos, here is the list of explored myths according to the video they appeared in and order of appearance:

Overwatch Myths Volume 1
• Tracer can recall through a destroyed teleporter.
• You can attach things to props.
• Two Lúcios heal faster than one.
• Two Mercys can heal faster than one.
• Reinhardt can pin D.Va's mech while it is self-destructing.
• Torbjörn's turrets can be healed by health packs.
• Mei can crush people while in cryo-freeze.
• Reinhardt's shield can penetrate spawn doors and be destroyed.

Overwatch Myths Volume 2
• A charging Reinhardt can be stopped by Junkrat's steel trap.
• D.Va can block Hanzo's dragon strike.
• One Torbjörn can repair another Torbjörn's turret.
• Tracer can recall into the payload.
• Bastion can kill people by landing on them in tank mode.
• D.Va can kill people by calling in her mech on top of them.
• If Reaper is stuck by a pulse bomb, he can survive by using wraith form.

Overwatch Myths Volume 3
• If Tracer is stuck by a pulse bomb, she can use recall to survive.
• Reaper can be speed boosted by Lúcio while using death blossom.
• Genji can deflect Soldier: 76's biotic field.
• Mei can freeze Junkrat's rip-tire.
• If Reaper collects your soul, you cannot be resurrected by Mercy.
• Mei can block victory poses with her ice wall.

The videos can be checked below:

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