This Odor- And Stain-Repellent T-Shirt And Hoodie Is The Camping Or Gym Apparel You Need


Imagine if you could wear your favorite piece of clothing every day without having to take it off for a good, clean wash.

It would be the type of perfectly-fitting T-shirt that you could wear to your early hot yoga class and then directly to work without having to change first. It would be that comfortable hoodie that would remain on your body the entire time during a cool weekend camping trip. It would never get smelly and never stain.

Yes, the articles of clothing just described really do exist.

This odor- and stain-repellent T-shirt and hoodie are made by the Seattle-based clothing company Ably Apparel and are designed to look, stay and smell fresh for weeks, even with consistent wear.

Developed by Raj Shah, Akhil Shah and former Nike creative director Stanley Hainsworth, Ably's clothing features all-natural fabrics that have patent-pending technology called Filium. Filium is described as a process that makes the natural fabrics repel liquids so that they are sweat-, spill-, stain- and smell-proof. The wearer could spill wine or even Hershey's chocolate syrup on the shirt and the liquid would just roll off.

Ably shirts will also be the only gym apparel worth buying. Unlike Dri-Fit, which is made from synthetic fabric that can become uncomfortable and too wet when working out, Ably clothing is made with natural cotton, making it a breathable fabric.

"While most, if not all, other clothing claiming to be repellent are made with petroleum-based synthetic materials (nylon, polyester, etc.), Ably Apparel is 100 percent natural premium cotton, no synthetics and no nanoparticles," Raj Shah, co-founder of Ably and co-creator of Filium technology, told Tech Times. "Filium, our trade secret patent-pending technology, allows us to create natural fabrics and clothing that repel stains, liquids and odors, and have them retain the natural feel, soft touch and breathability that most of us humans prefer."

Because of the Filium, the clothing does not absorb sweat. Instead of the shirt soaking up the moisture, sweat just evaporates. This means the waterproof clothing dries up to 40 percent faster than regular cotton and stays smelling fresh even if the consumer wears it to the gym every day for a month.

You might have already heard of similar types of clothing that uses nanotechnology to achieve the sweat- and smell-free shirt. However, Ably's clothing is nano-free, meaning it won't take years to break down in a landfill and is eco-friendly and made in accordance with bluesign standards for sustainably. It also reduces the amount of times you have to do the laundry.

"Ultimately, we are excited for the long-term ramification for the planet. We don't use nanoparticles or harmful chemicals that break down and leach into your skin or the environment. Less washing, less packing, longer use," Shah said. "Typically, clothes don't lose performance and looks because you wear them. They break down because of how much you wash them."

Ideal for hitting the gym, followed by the office and then catching a plane for a weekend trip, Ably's shirts are made in the male versions that include the Pocket Tee with a crew neck collar and the V-Neck in white, black, heather gray, maroon and navy options. The female versions of the Pocket Tee includes a dropped neckline and curved shirttail hem, as well as the V-Neck, which come in white, black, canton blue, plum and Moroccan blue. Hoodies are also available for both sexes in most of the color options.

"The potential for Ably apparel is enormous. Since Ably is Whateverproof, it's truly a product for anyone. The stain-resistant and odor-resistant qualities, as well as the convenience of being able to wear the product for weeks at a time without washing, makes Ably perfect for busy, on-the-go and active people," Shah said.

"For example, parents with young children can play with their kids all day, then run out to dinner with friends without worrying about changing juice- and food-stained shirts. Travelers can also hike longer and pack lighter because Ably apparel can be worn for weeks at a time without smelling. The possibilities are endless."

Ably Apparel recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund this product, and it exceeded its goal in less than 24 hours. Those who pledge $40 can get one Ably T-shirt, pledge $64 for two or $94 for a hoodie. The clothing is expected to ship in September.

Source: Kickstarter

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