Google Doodles are funny, insightful, marvelous and, sometimes, addictive. The recent doodle, which marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who TV series, is all of them at the same time.

The Doctor Who doodle is basically a game where you have to collect the letters of Google escaping from Dalek (fictional extraterrestrial mutant). Each letter is placed at different levels and with a wise strategy you will have to reach letters places in a particular level without bumping into Daleks, Cybermen, and terrifying Weeping Angels. If you bump into any one of them, you will transform into the next incarnation of the doctor.

Once you have collected a letter from one level, you will have to get back to the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) craft. TARDIS craft is a time travelling spaceship designed by the doctor the looks similar to British police box.

Each level in the game represents the particular era of the show. A timer will also be ticking down and you can track down the total time taken to collect all the letters of 'Google' through different levels.

The doodle has been made by a five members team at Google, led by Matthew Cruickshank, a British animation expert. The doodle, internally was called "Whodle". The Guardian reported that it took four months to build the interactive and highly addictive doodle.

The report also mentioned that more than 4,000 Doctor Who fans had signed a petition at, requesting Google to dedicate a doodle to the series on its 50th anniversary.

Doctor Who is a science-fiction TV series revolving around a doctor who is a time-travelling humanoid alien.

The first episode of Doctor Who was aired on November 23 1963. Since then, 26 seasons have been produced by BBC.

In case you missed playing the Doctor Who doodle, don't worry. You can play it here.

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